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Buy Water heater Aerostar SWH 70-40/3R wholesale and retail in store

Water heater Aerostar SWH 70-40/3R, 952732188,   ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Water heater Aerostar SWH 70-40/3R wholesale and retail in store
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Number of rows of tubes 3
The size of the nozzle, mm 700x400

General information rectangular water heater Aerostar SWH 70-40/3R

Aerostar water heaters of the SWH series are used for heating air in supply and exhaust air conditioning and ventilation systems, in order to create the most favorable climate indicators. This model shows an increased level of performance, combining the most useful functional features. You are guaranteed to get a well-coordinated and high-quality work for a long time.

To get detailed information about the presented model, you should contact the managers of the OVK Kit online store. Only our professional team is always ready to provide assistance in choosing high-quality ventilation equipment.

Overall dimensions

DesignationDimensions, mmWeight, kg
SWH 40-20/2R4002004202204402401805
SWH 40-20/ЗR
SWH 50-25/2R5002505202705402902306
SWH 50-25/ЗR
SWH 50-30/2R5003005203205403402807
SWH 50-30/ЗR
SWH 60-30/2R6003006203206403402808
SWH 60-30/ЗR
SWH 60-35/2R60035062037064039033011
SWH 60-35/ЗR
SWH 70-40/2R70040072042074044038015
SWH 70-40/3R
SWH 80-50/2R80050083053084056048016
SWH 80-50/ЗR
SWH 90-50/2R90050093053096056048016
SWH 90-50/ЗR
SWH 100-50/2R10005001030530106056048021
SWH 100-50/ЗR


The body and frame are made of galvanized steel, which is not subjected to corrosion and oxidation, significantly extending the nominal service life. Pipe collectors are welded from steel tubes, the surface of which is treated with synthetic paint. The heat exchange surface is made of aluminum plates with a total thickness of 0.1 mm, which are stretched on copper tubes.

The heater has a standard double-row design with alternating geometry. All heaters were tested for tightness with air at a pressure of 2 MPa for 5 minutes under water. The model meets high European quality indicators, guaranteeing a productive and uninterrupted operation of the entire ventilation system.

Max. additional water temperature is 100C. Max. the permissible pressure is 1.6 MPa. The nomograms show the operating parameters of heaters for the usual temperature drop of water, various flow rates and air temperature at the inlet.


Basic rules for installation:

  • It is necessary to provide monitoring and service access to the heater. An air filter should be installed in front of the heater to protect it from contamination,
  • In order to achieve maximum power, the heater must be connected as a countercurrent,
  • If the heater is located in front of the fan, you should adjust its power so that it does not exceed the maximum allowable air temperature,
  • If the heater is located behind the fan, we recommend designing an element that stabilizes the air flow between the fan and the heater (for example, an air duct with a length of 1 - 1.5 m).

In order to buy a water heater Aerostar SWH 70-40/3R, you should contact the managers of UVC Kit, who are always ready to provide professional advice on choosing the best ventilation equipment at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out to any point in Kiev and Ukraine, by means of a convenient carrier or courier service.

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Number of rows of tubes 3
The size of the nozzle, mm 700x400

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