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How we work :1. Retail 2. Wholesale 3. Pre-order 4. Booking 1. C

:1. Retail 2. Wholesale 3. Pre-order 4. Reservation

1. Choose the item on the site in the basket. Minimum order? Prepayment? Free shipping?

Is it also available to book 30 percent of the cost of the advance, for up to 14 days? You fix the price on the day of the advance

  • Delivery around the city is 30 UAH, when you order for 1000 free.
  • Mini-order 0
  • Free shipping from 999 in Ukraine
  • Sending daily after 4 p.m. orders paid before 4 p.m. depart on the same day
  • Orders paid after 16 dispatch the next day
  • The promotions not paid until the end of the promotion are cancelled.
  • Items paid for can be stored for up to 30 days
  • There is no additional discount on auction items

For wholesalers

Choose goods in the catalog, wholesale prices from the box or from 3000 U.S. for the total amount of the order

In the absence of goods in the catalog it is possible to make an order on prepayment, you give TK: a full description of the photo and the desired price, we are looking for the goods and give options on terms / availability

Pre-order retail

Same as wholesale

Why we are: our own imports, new products from world exhibitions, quality control by our engineers and technologists

We want all the craftsmen to use quality goods

Guarantee, loyalty system,