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Buy Aerostar RV 125L duct fan wholesale and retail in store

Aerostar RV 125L duct fan, 952732250,   ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Aerostar RV 125L duct fan wholesale and retail in store
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Phase capacity 1 phase - 220 V

Basic information-round duct fan Aerostar RV 125L

The Aerostar RV 125L circular duct fan is a productive and high-quality fan model that shows an increased level of performance. This unit combines the best technical indicators and is used to remove stale or spent air, as well as to establish a natural process of air circulation in public or industrial premises. With this fan, you will get smooth and low-noise operation, while saving electricity consumption.

The fan interacts with supply and exhaust ventilation systems of medium length. This model has a fairly affordable price, but at the same time shows improved performance characteristics, which is facilitated by a well-designed design. For more information about the presented model, please contact the managers of the OVK Kit online store. Only here you are always ready to provide professional assistance in choosing high-quality ventilation equipment.

Overall dimensions

DesignationDimensions, mm
RV 100 L240195989821.516.5
RV 125 L24019512312327.522.5
RV 160 L3322251571572217.5
RV 200 L33222519819823.519
RV 250 L3322052482482520.5
RV 315 L40023031231222.522.5

Design feature

The fan housing is made of high-strength galvanized steel. This material is not subjected to corrosion formation and oxidation, which significantly extends the nominal service life. The fan impeller is made of plastic. This allows not only to reduce the nominal weight of the fan, but also to achieve improved aerodynamic performance, in the formation of a powerful airflow.

This model is equipped with a powerful single-phase motor with an external rotor. To prevent the possibility of overloading or overheating, special thermal contacts are installed on the fan, which provide an automatic shutdown of the entire system, with the possibility of further restarting. The fan meets high European quality standards and comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

The motor protection class is IP 44.

Speed adjustment

Control over the accuracy of the fan operation is provided by means of interaction with the regulators of smooth thyristor or transformer step switching. This function allows you to adjust the performance to meet the nominal standards of the room's ventilation system.


The fan is attached to the air duct to the Spigots through hose clamps with fastening by means of special brackets. You can install it at the beginning, middle, or end of the ventilation system, depending on the building specification.

In order to buy a fan for round channels Aerostar RV 125L, you should contact the managers of UVC Kit, who are always ready to provide professional advice on choosing the best ventilation equipment at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out to any point in Kiev and Ukraine, by means of a convenient carrier or courier service.

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Phase capacity 1 phase - 220 V

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