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Buy Milling cutter sterilization container, PRO31 wholesale and retail in store

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Buy Milling cutter sterilization container, PRO31 wholesale and retail in store
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Milling cutters for the milling machine 

The cutter is an indispensable attribute for every professional manicure master. But not one nail cutter will not cope without special attachments. With the help of a manicure cutter, it is much easier to get a high-quality manicure and pedicure, and it also helps save time. If you want to buy manicure and pedicure cutters, then you should pay attention to the fact that each manicure cutter has its own unique shape, is made of different materials, and also has a different purpose. For example, you can divide manicure cutters into more durable ones that are intended for pedicures, as well as less durable ones for manicures.

What kind of nail cutters are there?

It is not surprising that each type of nozzle differs from each other in its purpose. The most popular nozzles are ceramic ones. They are made from ceramic crumbs, which are mixed with special adhesive material. The ceramic milling head is perfectly suitable for such a procedure as a pedicure. Using nail cutters, you can perfectly make a hardware manicure, unnoticeably for the client to clean the skin of the legs from corns and calluses.

Metal attachments can also be used for manicure. They are manufactured using solid metals. Such milling cutters are perfectly suitable for the primary treatment of corns and dry dead skin. In addition, they are often used to work with extended nails. Mill for hardware manicure is to cope with all the coatings of nails.

One of the most popular among nail artists are diamond cutters. These nail cutters can be divided into two types - sintered and deposited. Sintered milling heads-perfectly cope with the processing of acrylic nails. The method of their manufacture is the same as in ceramic nozzles. The deposited ones have a denser structure, which is not clogged when working with the material, it is designed to work with the soft surface of the nail and artificial gel nails.

Professional masters working in beauty salons or at home, use such cutters for hardware manicure as silicone and so-called polishers. Silicone tips are an amazing tool for polishing and sanding artificial nails, and they also help prepare natural nails for the extension procedure. Polisher attachments, in turn, make the nail perfectly smooth by removing micro-scratches.

How do I store the milling heads correctly?

At the end of the procedure, the caps are discarded. Ceramic nail cutters are brittle, while metal and diamond cutters are sharp. Due to this, they are stored in cases.

After each use of nail cutters, they are washed, cleaned and disinfected . For cleaning ceramic and metal nozzles, special brass brushes are used. It is worth remembering that cleaning any attachments is convenient to carry out in an ultraviolet sink. Of course, after cleaning, the nozzles for the manicure cutter must be sterilized, and before the next application, additionally disinfected. These procedures are very important, as it is responsible for the health of your clients. Having completed all these procedures, You will be calm and confident in their safety.

Do not forget to clean and store nail cutters because this is very important!

Recommendations for working with the router

  • Do not turn on the cutter and do not close the handle without the nozzle.

  • Do not change the reverse while driving.

  • Do not overload the cutter with large, heavy nail cutters.

  • Do not forget to clean the cutter from dust.

It is advisable to take a manicure and pedicure training course with the use of a router before using it. And also do manicure only in those masters who professionally own this device. Because using the cutter, you need to be able to hold both the cutter handle and your own hand correctly, so that you can feel the force of pressing on the nail, which will not damage it.

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