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Buy Cuticle oil 75ml wholesale and retail in store

Cuticle oil 75ml, 58526, Nails,  Health and beauty. All for beauty salons,All for a manicure ,Nails, buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Cuticle oil 75ml wholesale and retail in store
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Cuticle oil will attract your attention, thanks to the small dried flowers at the bottom of the bottle. This product moisturizes and nourishes the nails, enriches them with useful properties, and also softens the skin. After using the oil, your nails will become strong and healthy. Especially useful application after the procedures of extension and correction. The bottle is glass with two beveled places, for a stable position on the surface. In our store, there are different scents of perfumes that match their color and dry color placed inside. A small cute dry flower gives the oil a certain personality and mood. The product volume is 75 ml.

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