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Buy Massage oil 100 ml. vanilla, FURMAN wholesale and retail in store

Massage oil 100 ml. vanilla, FURMAN, 18890, The auxiliary liquid,  Health and beauty. All for beauty salons,Care ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Massage oil 100 ml. vanilla, FURMAN wholesale and retail in store

Massage oil 100 ml.


Our skin constantly requires care, for this, cosmetologists recommend periodically visiting a massage parlor, so that the skin retains its firmness and elasticity. Today it is not a problem to visit the office of a professional massage therapist. Cosmetic body massage oil from Furman will help make massage more effective. It has a light texture, with the help of which the massage oil can be used even for sensitive facial skin. Massage oil will make it possible to better warm up the skin during the massage. The use of  massage oil stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and also promotes the breakdown of fats, due to the composition of the oil, it contains: essential oils of sweet orange, lime and black pepper. The composition also includes fir and eucalyptus oils, which reduce pain, which exhibit a strong anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, reduce pain, smooth the skin. And the aroma of the oil is the thinnest and invigorating, which removes fatigue syndrome, gives a sense of confidence and gives a boost of freshness

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