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Buy Set of mini volume creams 30 ml wholesale and retail in store

Set of creams mini volume 30 ml, 345512, Cosmetics for hands, Care, Cosmetics for hands, buy in Ukraine
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Buy Set of mini volume creams 30 ml wholesale and retail in store
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Set of mini creams 30 ml, 4 pcs.

Hand cream with extracts of grapefruit, currant and urea: Hand cream protects the skin from external influences, nourishes. Adds elasticity, moisture

Hand cream with passion fruit oil and urea: Revitalizing hand cream with passion fruit oil and urea saturates and nourishes dry, rough and chapped skin. Salts from the Dead Sea have a calming effect and enrich with valuable minerals

Hand cream honey melon with avocado oil and urea: Light, fruity hand cream with valuable avocado oil intensively nourishes the skin.Urea, sorbitol and glycerin intensively moisturize hand skin, strengthen the skin barrier and regenerate. Amaretto Hand Cream: Has a pleasant aroma, a creamy scent of sweet almonds. The cream nourishes and protects the skin. With regular use, the skin becomes visibly elastic.

Hand cream with rose petal extract improves the elasticity of the skin of the hands. Urea moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands. Dead Sea salt has a soothing effect and enriches the skin with minerals. The hand cream is quickly absorbed and nourishes rough skin. Has a light texture. Active ingredients: rose extract, urea, Dead Sea salt, bisabolol.

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