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Buy Paraffin LAVENDER 500 ml wholesale and retail in store

Paraffin LAVENDER 500 ml
Buy Paraffin LAVENDER 500 ml wholesale and retail in store

Cosmetic bio paraffin 500 ml

Cosmetic bio paraffin will give your skin a second life, eliminate dryness and flaking. A high-quality purified beauty product will become an indispensable tool for both a professional in the salon and an inexperienced user at home.

Paraffin has a universal effect: it intensively softens the skin and moisturizes it, produces an antiseptic and cleansing effect, returns the skin delightful freshness, elasticity and firmness, stimulates blood circulation. The composition of the cosmetic product includes vitamins A and E, useful elements that are vital for healthy and toned skin. A stunning result will be visible immediately after the end of the procedure. 

How to use

First, we disinfect our hands. Then we apply the scrub with massage movements, rinse off. Then we rub a special nourishing cream into the skin of the hands. By this time, a bath with molten paraffin is already ready (it should be 50-60 degrees C). We first immerse one brush in the paraffin furnace, hold it in paraffin for a couple of seconds and take it out. Hold the brush over the container, paraffin will flow from it. After 3-5 seconds, we again lower the brush into the bath. Repeat the dive at least three times. Repeat the immersion procedure with the second brush. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the fingers should be spaced so that the paraffin is evenly distributed throughout the brush. We put plastic bags and special terry mittens on the handles (or wrap them in towels). We rest, relax for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the temperature of the skin of the hands rises by 1-2 degrees. The top layer of the skin softens under the influence of hot paraffin. This leads to the opening of pores, sweating, the removal of salts and toxins. Nutritious components from the cream penetrate into closing pores. After the paraffin has cooled, remove the mittens (towels) and, together with the plastic bags, remove the paraffin. The procedure is so simple that you will not have any difficulties. Used packages with paraffin residues are thrown away. We wipe the skin of the hands with a towel to wipe off the toxins that we managed to get rid of. Apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream to the skin of the hands.

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