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Buy Aerostar SR 70-40 plate heat exchanger wholesale and retail in store

Aerostar SR 70-40 plate heat exchanger, 952732254,   ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Aerostar SR 70-40 plate heat exchanger wholesale and retail in store
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The size of the nozzle, mm 700x400

Main characteristics of the Aerostar SR 70-40 heat recovery unit

Aerostar RS series plate heat exchangers are used for the purpose of disposing of cold or warm air in ventilation and air conditioning systems, to improve aerodynamic performance, as well as to normalize the natural circulation process, when you get the most favorable climatic indicators. These components are used when the air flows need to be separated qualitatively, for example, when the removed air contains harmful impurities or odors.

The recuperator meets high European quality standards, guaranteeing a high level of efficiency, relatively low noise and long-term operation for a long time, completely eliminating failure. For more information about the presented model, please contact the managers of the OVK Kit online store. Only our professional team is always ready to provide assistance in choosing high-quality ventilation equipment.

Overall dimensions

SR designationDimensions, mmWeight, kg

Design feature

The housing of the heat recovery unit is made of high-strength galvanized steel. The structure is additionally equipped with special mounting flanges, which help to install the model in ventilation and air conditioning systems. The heat exchange surface of plate recuperators is a combination of specially profiled aluminum plates with a nominal thickness of 0.2 mm.

In plate heat exchangers, condensation can form on the plates, and therefore they must be equipped with outlets for draining condensate. The SR plate heat recovery unit comes standard with a fitting that is mounted on a removable panel. The design of the removable panel is a kind of pallet in which condensate accumulates.


The air flap is mounted butt-to-butt to an outlet vent pipe of a certain diameter. Special rubber gaskets help to obtain tightness. This process is quite simplified and will not take much time.

In order to buy a plate heat exchanger Aerostar SR 70-40, you should contact the managers of the HVAC Kit company, who are always ready to provide professional advice on choosing the best ventilation equipment at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out to any point in Kiev and Ukraine, by means of a convenient carrier or courier service.

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The size of the nozzle, mm 700x400

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