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Buy Strips for French manicure ARROW CURVED WAVE ,KOD-FJ-00 whosale and retail

Strips for French manicure ARROW CURVED WAVE ,KOD-FJ-00-18836-China-Decor and nail design
Buy Strips for French manicure ARROW CURVED WAVE ,KOD-FJ-00 whosale and retail

There are 2 sheets in the package. French stencil is a self-adhesive strip for French manicure. French strip stickers are easy to attach and remove from nails, allow you to draw a smooth smile line with varnish or paint.

How to use

Before doing nail design using strips for a French manicure, it is necessary to prepare the skin of the hands. It is necessary to do this, of course, to change the shape of the nail. There are also different shapes, soft square, square, almond-shaped, oval, they are all very elegant without exception, you just need to choose the one that suits you.

Then, align the edges nails and carefully remove dust. The main thing that you need to pay attention to before applying gel polish is to remove the cuticle from the nail plate using an orange stick or a remover.

The nail plate should be removed the upper keratin layer, for the purpose of this you can use the coarse buff as an assistant.

After that, apply a primer to firmly adhere the base to the nail. Wait for the primer to dry, about 1 minute. Next, apply the base. The base evens out the surface of the nail, masks its imperfections and guarantees uniform application of gel polish. The base gel is applied in a thin layer across the entire width of the nail plate. Then dry the nail in the lamp.

Paint your nails with french polish. After applying gel polish, dry your nails in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Stick stencil strips on each nail in such a way that only the overgrown white edge remains free . The stencils must be well glued to the nails, otherwise the varnish will get under them.

Apply white polish to the ends of the nails. Let it dry completely and then carefully remove the strips.

Then cover your nails with top coat. The top will be needed in order to fix the gel polish and give it shine. Also, do not forget to dry the top coat, in the lamp for 2 minutes. At the end of the manicure, do not forget to remove the sticky layer with a special liquid.

Tip! If the main part of the nail will be covered with a bright color, then so that it does not shine through from under the snow-white layer, it is better to first paint the tips, and then the rest of the nail

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