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Buy Extractor for manicure MAX Ultimate 4 100W White, dust collector table wholesale and retail in store

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Buy Extractor for manicure MAX Ultimate 4 100W White, dust collector table wholesale and retail in store

The hood is designed to collect dust generated during the processing of natural and artificial nails and skin. A convenient practical stand for the hands of the master and the client.

Made of high quality plastic with a work power regulator. At the same time, it is an armrest for the client hands  Washable top cover. Dust bags are included with the hood. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful and quiet motor.

The fan blades are protected by a Max Safe grille from nail files and other foreign objects. Vacuum cleaners of the Max Ultimate series are equipped with a protective grid. Hidden installation of the grate increases convenience and comfort in work.

An excellent solution to reduce the impact of dust on the master and the client.

The hood body is made using seamless technology. Side walls and the top of the vacuum cleaner - one whole.

The power and noise of the device are adjustable. The hood is equipped with a Max Pro speed controller, which allows you to easily change the suction power. Use the vacuum cleaner in silent mode or turn on full power when necessary.


Power: 100 watts.

Material : ABS (plastic) 
Fan - 1 pc;
Replacement bags - 2 pcs;
Max. fan speed - 2700 rpm
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 65W
Size: 35*28.5* 16 cm. 
Weight: 1.8 kg 

Material: ABS (plastic) 

Fan: 1 pc;

Replacement bags: 1 pc;

Max. fan speed: 2700 rpm (power and noise of the device are adjustable)

Voltage: 220 V 50/60 Hz

Size: 36*29.5*17 cm. 

Weight: 1.6 kg

Color: white

Benefit of the Max desktop dust extractor:

  • large size + desktop installation allows using the Max dust collector as a comfortable armrest for the client;
  • powerful fan quickly and completely sucks dust;
  • dust bag included
  • the surface is easy to care for and is designed for wet cleaning.

Order a high-quality and powerful desktop extract for manicure Max.


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