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Buy Aerostar SKS 100-50 mixing chamber wholesale and retail in store

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Buy Aerostar SKS 100-50 mixing chamber wholesale and retail in store
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The size of the nozzle, mm 1000x500

Model description Aerostar SKS 100-50 mixing chamber

The Aerostar SKS series mixing chamber is used for mixing supply and recovery air in ventilation and air conditioning systems. This allows you not only to get high aerodynamic performance, but also to mix a significant amount of heat into the circulating air, which will allow you to get an additional source of heating. This model is attached to the airway channels of rectangular cross section, providing an increased level of productivity. You are guaranteed to get balanced and high-quality work for a long time.

The mixing chamber is responsible for the improved performance of European quality. For more information about the presented model, please contact the managers of the OVK Kit online store. Only our professional team is always ready to provide assistance in choosing high-quality ventilation equipment.

Principle of operation

According to this principle, the mixing chamber operates. The main functions are shown in the figure below. This model meets high European quality indicators and comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Overall dimensions

DesignationDimensions, mmS supply-exhaust flapS recirculating flap

Design feature

The camera is made of two parallel dampers that operate in the opposite phase. There is also a single transverse flap, which conducts the deposition of heated or fresh air. The model body is made of high-strength galvanized steel with a special coating that prevents the formation of corrosion and oxidation, significantly extending the nominal service life. The rotary plates of the dampers are made of aluminum profile. Tightness is achieved due to a rubber seal installed on each turntable. The plates are rotated by means of a gear train. The camera mix is made up of three rods for the servos.


The mixing chamber is installed in a ventilation system, the air ducts of which have a rectangular cross-section. Fixing is carried out only with pipes of a certain size. The camera can only function normally in a horizontal position. All the installation work is fairly simple and does not take much time.

In order to buy a mixing chamber Aerostar SKS 100-50, you should contact the managers of the HVAC Kit company, who are always ready to provide professional advice on choosing the best ventilation equipment at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out to any point in Kiev and Ukraine, by means of a convenient carrier or courier service.

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The size of the nozzle, mm 1000x500

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