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The nutrient contains wheat germ oil, vitamin E and chamomile extract. It is designed to care for brittle and flaky nails of the hands and feet, stimu..
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The adhesive is designed to improve the quality of uneven, flaky or cracked nails and strengthen them, fix artificial nails while protecting against f..
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This tool effectively prevents ingrown nails. Hard nails and roughened skin of the nail roller will be softened — the painful pressure of the nail edg..
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NAGEL – UND HAUTSCHUTZ - CREMENAGEL – UND HAUTSCHUTZ - OLThese products contain wheat germ oil and selected ingredients that care for nails and skin. ..
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It provides effective protection against fungal diseases, takes care of nails and skin, maintaining them in a healthy and elastic state.Nail and skin ..
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Pencil with a special impregnation to protect the nails. Effectively protects nails from damage by fungal diseases (the active substance clotrimazole ..
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Protective spray 'Fusskraft' / 50 ml Gehwol Nagel-Und Nautschutz-Spray
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An individual effective tool for protecting nails from fungal infections (the active component is clotrimazole) with nutritional components. It takes ..
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The manufacturer of the product 'tea tree Oil from gevol' is the German concern Eduard Gerlach GmbH. The preparation Gehwol med Nagel-und Hautschutz-Ö..
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Designed for nails that are prone to fungal diseases.Tincture 'Recovery and protection' with urea and silver is intended for nails that are prone to f..
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