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Физиодиспенсеры, Электрические машинки для аппаратного маникюра и педикюра с помощью фрез, насадок, колпачков

Physiodispensers, Electric machines for hardware manicure and pedicure with the help of cutters, nozzles, caps,, Supply of beauty salons, engineering networks, everything for the home, household goods, related products, toys, goods for children, consumables wholesale and retail from the online store Yubyut
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Food Network Voltage (V) 230 Number of revolutions (rpm) 30-2000 Torque (N * cm) 5-70 Equipment Saeyang Krafit Ki-20 Advance LED phys..
102,938 грн
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Number of revolutions (rpm) Torque (N * cm) 0, 20, 35 Power (W) Equipment Saeyang SD-T Driver torque wrench Producing country South Ko..
7,625 грн
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