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Buy Nail extension form wide (gold/Cobra) wholesale and retail in store

Nail extension form wide (gold/Cobra), 58644, Nails,  Health and beauty. All for beauty salons,All for a manicure ,Nails, buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Nail extension form wide (gold/Cobra) wholesale and retail in store
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The nail form is used for gel and acrylic nail extensions. For single use. Using the wizard prepares a template on which to create the future of the nail plate. They are marked with a marking - the length of the planned nail, which will help to create them perfect in shape and size. Such blanks are wound up under the nail and are well fixed under the finger, thanks to the sticky base. The reliability of fixing guarantees that the shape will not fall apart and will not disrupt the modeling process. Their soft structure will allow you to work with all types of nails. You can adjust the bend at the discretion and request of the client. After the acrylic or gel hardens, the mold is easily removed without traces. This shape will help you create oval almond-shaped nails, it is suitable for a wide nail plate. The forms are a great helper that every master needs. The shape attracts with its design, looks beautiful and aesthetic. The process of creating a manicure is simplified and takes less time. The color is gold.

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