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Buy Freon cooler Aerostar SDC 80-50 wholesale and retail in store

Freon cooler Aerostar SDC 80-50, 952732262,   ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Freon cooler Aerostar SDC 80-50 wholesale and retail in store
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The size of the nozzle, mm 800x500

Main feature rectangular freon cooler Aerostar SDC 80-50

Aerostar SDC series freon coolers are used for air cooling in air conditioning and supply and exhaust ventilation systems, in order to create the most favorable climate indicators. This model provides an increased level of productivity by combining the most useful functional features. You are guaranteed to get balanced and high-quality work for a long time.

The evaporator is filled with an inert gas, which is released when connected to the refrigeration network. As a filler, refrigerants R123, R134a, R152a, R404A, R507, R12, R22 (ASHRAE Number) are used. To get detailed information about the presented model, you should contact the managers of the OVK Kit online store. Only our professional team is always ready to provide assistance in choosing high-quality ventilation equipment.

Overall dimensions

Standard sizeDimensions, mm
SDC 40-204202205512851001612
SDC 50-255202706513351501612
SDC 50-305203206513851501612
SDC 60-306203207513852002212
SDC 60-356203707514302002212
SDC 70-407204208514852002816
SDC 80-508305309576002502816
SDC 90-5093053010576002502816
SDC 100-50103053011576002502816

Design feature

The body and frame are made of galvanized steel, which is not subjected to corrosion and oxidation, significantly extending the nominal service life. Collectors are welded from steel tubes, the surface of which is treated with synthetic paint. The heat exchanger consists of aluminum plates with a nominal thickness of 0.1 mm, which are stretched on copper tubes. Standard SDC coolers are available in three rows with variable geometry.

Vaporizers are filled with nitrogen during their production. It can be manufactured with the right or left connection of the refrigerant. The model is equipped with a drip catcher, an insulated tray for condensate drainage. Coolers can also be ordered without a drop catcher.


Coolers can be installed inside heated rooms where the temperature does not fall below zero (the main condition is to observe the temperature of the transported air).

Outdoor installation is allowed if the refrigerant is a non-freezing mixture (ethylene glycol solution). In this case, the temperature limit for the mixing unit's servo motor must be taken into account, and these diagrams cannot be used to determine the cooler parameters.

The coolers can only be operated in a horizontal position, which allows condensate to be drained away and the unit to be de-aired. It is necessary to provide monitoring and service access to the cooler.

An air filter must be installed in front of the cooler to protect it from contamination. To achieve maximum cooling capacity, connect the cooler counter-flow. The cooler can be installed in front of and behind the fan. If the cooler is installed behind the fan, it is recommended to provide an area between them to stabilize the air flow (for example, an air duct with a length of 1 - 1.5 m).

In order to buy a freon cooler Aerostar SDC 80-50, you should contact the managers of UVC Kit, who are always ready to provide professional advice on choosing the best ventilation equipment at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out to any point in Kiev and Ukraine, by means of a convenient carrier or courier service.

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The size of the nozzle, mm 800x500

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