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Buy Pliers for hair extension A wholesale and retail in store

Pliers for hair extension A, 60528, Electrical equipment,  Health and beauty. All for beauty salons,All for a manicure ,Electrical equipment, buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Pliers for hair extension A wholesale and retail in store
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The LooF tool is the choice of most DIYers. The tool has small weight, convenient design, excellent operational characteristics. The main feature is the short flat tips.

The tool is characterized as efficient and productive. After all, with its help you can work with both resins and keratins of various types. This is a confirmation of its functionality, that is, using LooF tongs, you can perform any type of extension using hot technology.

A gentle effect on the condition of the hair is ensured by the Teflon surface of the working area. Even the influence of high temperatures does not significantly harm the health of the hair, it is as smooth as possible.

The advantages regarding the design are obvious:

  • good location of the button to turn on;
  • sufficient cord length - 2.5 m;
  • comfortable handle shape;
  • the ability of the cord to rotate around the attachment axis.

Tool characteristics:

  • manufactured by Loof, China;
  • power ratings - 25 volts;
  • teflon coated;
  • heated up to 200 C 0

Pliers for hair extensions A - CH-A - Pliers for hair extensions, Beauty and health. Everything for beauty salons, Everything for manicure ,Electrical equipment,

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