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Buy Hair Extension Tongs LooF C wholesale and retail in store

Hair Extension Tongs LooF C, 60665, Electrical equipment,  Health and beauty. All for beauty salons,All for a manicure ,Electrical equipment, buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Hair Extension Tongs LooF C wholesale and retail in store
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Every hair extension master knows how important it is to make the right choice of professional equipment. After all, the quality of the procedure depends on the features of the tool.

Nippers for hair extensions LooF C    is a machine model you can trust. The tool has good characteristics that attract even experienced and novice craftsmen. Forceps are designed for hot building technology, they perfectly cope with the working material:

  • resin;
  • capsules with different types of keratin.

The tool has a practical design that provides comfort and convenience during operation:

  • good location of the button to turn on;
  • sufficient cord length - 2.5 m;
  • < li>comfortable shape of the handle;
  • the ability of the cord to rotate around the axis of attachment.

The tongs are equipped with a working coating, which has a gentle effect on the condition of the hair. This effect is achieved thanks to the Teflon coating.

Basic information about the tool:

  • manufactured in China;
  • firm - Loof ;
  • the base of the working coating is Teflon treated;
  • heated to a temperature of 200 C

Hair extension pliers C - CH-C - Hair extension pliers, Health and Beauty. Everything for beauty salons, Everything for manicure ,Electrical equipment,

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