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Rubber top KODI 14 ml.,

Каучуковый топ KODI 14 мл., купить в Украине
Rubber top KODI 14 ml.,
100 грн
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  • Brand Kodi
  • SKU: Ubeauty-AG-09

Rubber Top - rubber top coating for gel varnish with a sticky layer.
The recommended drying time of the Rubber Top in the UV lamp is 36 w - 3 minutes.
In order for nail extensions to be successful, it is very important to clearly observe all the intricacies of the technology. To better fix the decorative coating, professionals recommend using a special rubber top coating Kodi for gel varnish with a sticky layer. If you want to be sure of excellent quality - we advise you to buy this material. It is reliable and very easy to use: drying your nails with this coating in a UV lamp is enough for just three minutes.

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