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Cleansing and foot baths, General foot care

Cleansing and foot baths, General foot care , , Supply of beauty salons, everything for the home, household goods, related products, toys, goods for children, consumables wholesale and retail from the online store of Beauty
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Foot bath ' Almond and vanilla» from the FUSSKRAFT series, Soft Feet has unique moisturizing properties, will become an indispensable tool for caring ..
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An effective remedy for relieving fatigue and heaviness in the legs. The salt is suitable for both the foot bath and the General body bath. Rosemary e..
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A bath for tired feet that deeply penetrates and cleanses the skin's pores. Effectively softens roughened skin, corns and calluses, making it more eff..
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The bath is a concentrate of lavender essential oil, which has a calming effect on tired, painful and overextended legs. The active ingredients of the..
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A remedy with natural ingredients from herbs and mountain pine oil. Its main effect is aimed at normalizing the sweating process and long-lasting acti..
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Gehwol's refreshing bath (Frische-Fussbad) revitalizes the feet and provides long-lasting freshness thanks to its menthol content. The product elimina..
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A means that stimulates blood circulation and warms the feet. The bath is a concentrated extract of ginger and red pepper essential oils. It also cont..
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