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All for hair removal and hair removal

1 meter roll epilation paperDepilation paperFor waxingRoll..
189 грн
Strips for depilation 100 pieces Strips for depilation 100 pieces
Depilation stripsVacuum packagingNumber: 100 ST..
50 грн
Wax for depilation in cassettes, MASTERIngredients: plant resin, pine resin, microcrystal wax.Use: for all skin types...
39 грн
Wax in depilation cassette, 150 gWax for depilation in cassettes, MASTER Ingredients: plant resin, pine resin, microcrystal wax. Use: for all skin typ..
39 грн
Waxing cassetteA heater for cassette wax of all kinds. The waxfloat does not take up much space, is practical and easy to use. Suitable for home and p..
319 грн
Waxing two-cassette (Depilatory Heater)2b1 with hair depilation standWax heater in double Depilatory Heater cartridgesThe wax heater on two carts is u..
429 грн
"Disposable Wooden Tongue Depressor" spatulaWooden spatulaWooden spatula for depilationPackaging: 50Dimensions: 15cm x 1.7cm..
50 грн
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