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Shower rack Hessa 115 Rack for fixing the shower head. There is a shelf for bathroom accessories on the brass rod...
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Shower head Hessa 414 Head for manual or stationary shower with rubber nozzles. Cylindrical shape. p> Material - brass. Hi-tech design...
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Flex Hessa shower hose Shower hose with brass braid and double interlocking links. The length of the hose is 1.5 m. The Hessa hose has a rubber tub..
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Hessa 403 shower head Has a push-button switching of water jets to 4 modes. To switch to different modes, no no need to twist and turn, just press ..
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Hessa shower head The shower head can be used as a hand shower or a hand shower. The shower head has a modern design and a glossy chrome surface, ..
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SilberFlex Hessa shower hose Silicone shower hose. Length 1.5 M, connection 1/2. The nut for connecting the shower head rotates 360 degrees, which m..
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Ultra-thin watering can Light square 25 for a tropical shower The watering can is intended for mounting on the ceiling or on a wall bracket with the t..
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