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Buy Magnifier STANDART LED whosale and retail
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Lightweight magnifying lamp designed for professionals in the field of beauty, pedicure and medical services.
  • Functionality
    The magnifying lamp is made of an all-metal construction with an LED light source and a flexible spring bracket. The support provides maximum access, vertical and horizontal movement, which is easy to fix in the desired position. The flexible connection between the lamp head and the arm ensures precise positioning.
  • Lightweight
    The magnifier lamp can be easily moved indoors due to its light weight. The magnifier lamp is mounted with a detachable clip.
  • Shadowless magnification
    A 127mm diameter glass lens is positioned in the center of the circle of LED light sources. It's the perfect way to light up, virtually eliminating shadows. The fabric cover is designed to protect the lens from dust and prevent heat build-up.

LED: the light source of the future!

STANDART LED equipped full circle of LEDs. The magnifier lamp has three-stage dimming (100%-50%-0). Diodes automatically turn off after 4 or 9 hours to save energy. LEDs have a long service life of over 50,000 hours, which means 25 years of warranty use.

Optical and light source specifications:

  • light source: LED
  • cold light to illuminate the work area without shadows and distortions
  • 3 diopters
  • magnification: 1.88
  • working distance (mm): 287.5
  • lamp power: 11 W
  • average life: 50,000 hours

Technical magnifying lamp specifications:

  • voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • magnifier diameter: 12.7cm
  • lamp head size : 19 cm
  • leg length: 105 cm
  • full extension: 138 cm
  • weight: 3 kg
  • frame color: white< /li>

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