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Buy Harder&Steenbeck Evolution Solo airbrush whosale and retail

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Buy Harder&Steenbeck Evolution Solo airbrush whosale and retail
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Harder&Steenbeck Evolution Solo airbrush - a practical airbrush with double independent action. The design of the material and air nozzle with a thickness of 0.2 mm allows to obtain reliable control over the thickness of the line. For those who use airbrushes of double independent action, this is one of the most successful tools, including because of the affordable price. It can become your main airbrush for several years.
It is produced in three versions: Solo, 2in1 (with a needle, nozzle and tank of a larger diameter in stock), X (lower paint supply).

Series of airbrushes Evolution - a classic of airbrushing, which has absorbed all the best of its long history and kept an acceptable price. All airbrushes of double independent action (semi-automatic) have a self-centering nozzle with a Teflon seal and can be supplemented with a rich set of options.

Nozzle: 0.2 mm, Tank : 2 ml removable thread,
Principle of operation: double independent (semi-automatic)
Paint supply: upper
Nozzle seal: Teflon
Needle seal: Teflon
Limiter of paint supply: no
Limiter pressure: no
Weight (in package): 240 g

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