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Buy Candies Concentrate Burgundy 60 ml whosale and retail

Candies Concentrate Burgundy 60 ml-tagore_KK06.C02-TAGORE-Paints for airbrushing
Buy Candies Concentrate Burgundy 60 ml whosale and retail
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KK color 'Burgundy', volume 60 ml.

Candy Concentrates are used in most of the "House of Kolor" products:
- They will quickly help you get through difficult moments at work, saving time and materials.
-Ideal for motorcycles, small parts, when the speed of painting is important.
-Perfect for airbrushing.
-Intensifies the color of top coats for faster coating of frames, door openings, hoods and trunks separated and etc. With the help of Candy Concentrates, the number of finishing layers can be reduced by two.
- They have a long shelf life. Use factory packaging for maximum durability.
IMPORTANT: KK Candies Concentrates are additives, they cannot be used directly from the packaging. They must be mixed
with any of our Primers, Bases, Urethane Candies and must be varnished.
The following KKs have the property of seeping through the layers applied over them. In this case, when working, use our USG100 interlayer insulator. Catalyzed varnish will not stop the tendency of KK to seep through. However, if a multi-layer
transparent coating (2 layers or more) is applied with proper exposure between layers, then this effect decreases or disappears. Individual testing is required.
KK that are prone to seepage through layers: KK03, KK05, KK06, KK10, KK13.
KK18 Candy Concentrate Pink, has limited light resistance and should be used only on surfaces that have
limited exposure to sunlight. Use with caution. KK18 is recommended for car shows.

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