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Buy Airbrush Sparmax Dual Action Airbrush whosale and retail

Airbrush Sparmax Dual Action Airbrush-tagore_ MAX-3-TAGORE-Airbrushes
Buy Airbrush Sparmax Dual Action Airbrush whosale and retail
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Airbrush Sparmax MAX-3 Professional dual-action airbrush with the function of adjusting the supply of paint.

The Sparmax MAX-3 airbrush provides exceptional performance even when working with the smallest compressors, the ability to work at low pressures. It has a needle and nozzle diameter of 0.3mm, which is perfect for working with small parts.

The Sparmax MAX-3 double-action airbrush can be converted into a single-action airbrush with the help of a special valve that is included in the set Replaceable internal PTFE seal, which allows you to work with solvent-based paints. Ergonomic design of the handle with control of the flow of paint. strong>

- Manicure (airbrushing in the nail service)
- Air makeup and body art (Body Art)
- Painting
- Modeling

- Cake decorating (confectionery)
- Hobbies and crafts
- Art and graphics
- Amateur automotive graphics

The airbrush kit includes:

a plastic case,


a key for the nozzle,


additional air valve,

paint cap.

Production: Sparmax (Taiwan)

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