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Professional make-up artist set-tagore_TG218 make-up pro set-TAGORE-Airbrush for nails Nail Art
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Buy Professional make-up artist set whosale and retail
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Professional set for makeup and nail painting. Optimally equipped with everything necessary for airbrush work.

The set includes:

Mini compressor TG218

Tagore TG218 is a powerful, compact, oil-free piston compressor that offers quiet, reliable operation and does not require maintenance. This is a very light compressor that is ideal for beginners or those who need mobility. This compressor was developed for users who need clean air without pulsations, with precise adjustment of the air pressure at the airbrush inlet.
The Tagore TG218 compressor is equipped with a manometer, a pressure regulator, and a built-in airbrush holder.
The compressor is housed in a durable, ventilated metal case.

It is equipped with an automatic pressure regulator that switches the compressor on/off.

The working pressure is stabilized by a 0.3 l receiver.

It is compact and quiet.< /p>


Voltage, 220-240/50HZ

Power 95 Watt

Productivity, 20-23 l/min

Connector for hose, 1/8'BSP

Auto stop: on 2.1BAR, off 3.1BAR

Electric cable, 1.5m

Dimensions, 190x130x170mm

Weight , 2.4 kg

Airbrush TG182S with a cone nozzle.

Tagore TG182C - an airbrush with a cone nozzle with a universal diameter of 0.3 mm

The cone nozzle of this model and the diffuser are a proprietary development of the Tagore brand.

The TG182C airbrush is easily disassembled for washing and has an improved construction. The airbrush is equipped with a separating ring made of Teflon (PTFE), which allows working with solvents and solvent-based paints.

The airbrush is equipped with smooth adjustment of the stroke of the needle. As with all Tagore airbrushes, the details and internal surfaces of the airbrush are polished, and the nozzle does not contain sealing rubbers. The airbrush kit includes: nozzle cover key, herringbone coupling , plastic packaging.

Nozzle diameter: 0.3 mm, conical type
Insulating ring: Teflon (PTFE)
Recommended working pressure: 15-20 psi
Pressure range: 15-50 psi
Paint capacity: 20 ml

Hose for airbrush 1/8''-1/8'', 1.8 m

Airbrush quick release connection

Mini compressor overview:

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