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Buy Professional set for FENGDA BD180 modelers whosale and retail

Professional set for FENGDA BD180 modelers-tagore_TC100Auto/BD180-TAGORE-Airbrushes
Buy Professional set for FENGDA BD180 modelers whosale and retail
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Professional set for airbrushing for modelers.

Optimally equipped with everything necessary for work in airbrushing.

The set includes:

Powerful minicompressor for airbrush with TC100 Auto

Quiet and compact oil-free minicompressor of increased power (pressure 25 psi) complete with 1.8 m hose, designed for various tasks.

Equipped with automatic on/off (start/stop), which allows you to comfortably work with double-action airbrushes.

Allows you to work with airbrushes with a nozzle from 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm. A stand for an airbrush is provided in the body of the minicompressor (it rotates 360 degrees).

Oil-free type, does not pollute the environment. Provides stable working pressure. Equipped with smooth pressure regulation.

Equipped with damping legs that contribute to comfortable and long-lasting work.


Voltage, 220 Volts


Frequency, 50 Hertz

Power 12 Watts

Operating pressure, 0.8-1.8 bar

Productivity, 13 l/min

Length of the electric cable, 1.8m

It is compact and quiet.

Airbrush FENGDA BD180 double independent action
Suitable both for painting small objects and for drawing thin lines. The presence of AirControl allows you to adjust the pressure on the airbrush, which is convenient for precise work.

The airbrush is equipped with a separating ring made of Teflon (PTFE), which allows you to work with solvents and paints based on solvents (solvents) < /p>

The airbrush is equipped with a smooth adjustment of the needle movement, the details and internal surfaces of the airbrush
are polished.
The airbrush kit includes: a nozzle key, a herringbone coupling, plastic packaging.

9ml tank, 0.2 mm nozzle.

The airbrush filter cleans the supplied air from water vapor and dust.

Smoothes the pulsation of the air flow.


It is attached to the inlet fitting of the airbrush or connected via a quick-disconnect connection.

Inlet - 1/8' external thread

Outlet - 1/8' internal thread

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