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Buy Restorer (cleaner), 120 ml whosale and retail

Restorer (cleaner), 120 ml-tagore_4008-TAGORE-Createx paints
Buy Restorer (cleaner), 120 ml whosale and retail
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The restorer is a biodegradable cleaner for removing hardened paint from an airbrush, spray gun, and any surface.

The cleaner is used as a bath for impregnating metal parts. It can also be rubbed on parts covered with paint, it dissolves hardened water-based paint. Reusable, stored in a metal or ceramic container.

It is not recommended to use if non-Teflon gaskets are installed in the airbrush, as it dissolves rubber and light plastic. Soft solvent 5618 is used for soaking parts and airbrushes with rubber seals.

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