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Buy Stencils for nails New Year 2020 whosale and retail

Stencils for nails New Year 2020-tagore_Новый год 2020 №308-TAGORE-Airbrush for nails Nail Art
Buy Stencils for nails New Year 2020 whosale and retail
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Reusable stencils-stickers for airbrushing. Each set has unique patterns that are used for airbrushing in the nail industry. Nail stencils can be used for different airbrushing techniques. Any master will be able to choose a set for his unique nail designs. The stencils are semi-transparent and easy to clean. The material from which the stencils are made is Oramask. This is a specially developed German film for stencil works. The film is very thin and its special polyacrylate adhesive layer does not allow paint to flow onto the nail. Thanks to high-precision laser cutting, stencils have thin lines and are easy to use. The backing of the stickers is silicone cardboard. Stencils are recommended to be stored in special notebooks.

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