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Buy Hats accordion 100 pcs per pack whosale and retail

100-piece harmonica hats in a package, Ubeauty-DP-02, Supplies,  All for a manicure,Supplies ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Hats accordion 100 pcs per pack whosale and retail
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is folded in the form of an accordion.
This form of packaging provides ease of use, storage and transportation.
The presence of a double elastic band provides a secure fixation of the hair on the head.
Made of breathable spunbond,
density 15g/m2.
The size of the cap is 53 cm... p>

Provides sterility in the premises of hospitals, as well as during manipulations and surgical interventions and cosmetologists. The medical cap is used in surgery, in maternity wards, in manipulation rooms. It is worn not only by employees of medical institutions, but also by patients, if necessary. Also, this accessory is used in food and chemical production, in veterinary medicine, wherever sterility is required.

Protective disposable caps  , workers of trade, food industry and other industries. They are designed to comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements and perform two main tasks:

  • avoid the possibility of infection along with the hair;
  • ensure comfort and convenience during work.

Thanks to medical caps, sterility is ensured during manipulations and surgical intervention. Caterers, spas, beauty centers, tattoo studios, massage parlors cannot do without them.

In addition to the hygienic function, a disposable cap protects the hair and head from foreign objects and pollution. It is made of safe, hypoallergenic materials and is highly breathable for maximum comfort.

Advantages of disposable caps:

  • Non-toxic and non-allergic.
  • Does not irritate skin during use.
  • Securely fixed to the head with elastic bands.
  • The material is moisture resistant and durable.
  • The cap must be disposed of after use.

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