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Buy Cream-foam Callusan 'Venum' Greppmeier / 125 ml - Gehwol Callusan Venum wholesale and retail in store

Cream-foam Callusan Venum Greppmeier / 125 ml - Gehwol Callusan Venum, 85393, Body,  Health and beauty. All for beauty salons,Care ,  buy with worldwide shipping
Buy Cream-foam Callusan 'Venum' Greppmeier / 125 ml - Gehwol Callusan Venum wholesale and retail in store
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Brand Gehwol (Gevol)
Series Cream-foam of Callusan

After a working day spent in a sitting position, do your legs respond to a feeling of heaviness? Do you suffer from leg swelling? Do you travel often and do your feet get tired while moving? This is not just your problem — leg fatigue, which often provokes varicose veins, has become a constant companion of millions of women around the world. 

It doesn't matter if you sit all day or spend many hours on your feet — in both cases, this is a significant stress for the legs. To avoid the discomfort and refresh tired legs will help you cream Callusan Venum of Grippier!

In the composition-therapeutic horse chestnut and not only!

Horse chestnut has been known since ancient times for its beneficial effect on the veins. In combination with other active ingredients — vitamins, natural oils and extracts from various plants — it will provide your feet with the necessary care and prevention of varicose veins. 

Menthol will give you a feeling of freshness, it perfectly tones tired legs and gently relieves fatigue.

Glycerin will moisturize the skin of the feet, make it more tender, smooth and elastic.

Extract from red grape leaves and horse chestnut extract normalize blood circulation and reduce inflammatory processes.

Cream of Callusan Venum of Gappmayer — significant effect and savings!

Unlike creams, gels and ointments against leg fatigue, Callusan Venum Greppmeier cream-foam is consumed in smaller portions due to the aerosol form of release. It has a light pleasant aroma, does not leave greasy traces.


To achieve maximum effect, apply the Foam daily on clean and dry skin of the legs and feet 2 times a day.

  • extract of red vine and horse chestnut, menthol to increase circulation and alleviate painful and prone to swelling in the legs,
  • urea, jojoba oil, Shea butter for effective skin softening and nutrition
Brand Gehwol (Gevol)
Series Cream-foam of Callusan

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