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The router for a manicure and pedicure JSDA JD-3500, 35W, 30000. This model of milling machine is very simple and convenient to use. Equipped with a ..
2,203 грн
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The cutter of this model is an ideal tool for manicure and pedicure. Simple and convenient operation, ergonomic design and self-cooling function make ..
1,506 грн
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The cutter of this model is designed for manicure, pedicure, extension, and nail correction. The convenient milling machine can withstand the heaviest..
4,045 грн
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Universal cutter is an ideal assistant for hardware manicure. Compactness, light weight, manual and foot control modes help the nail service master to..
1,529 грн
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Professional electric Drill JSDA JD 5500 for manicure and pedicure, originalProfessional milling machine JD 5500, rotation speed-35000 rpm. Power: 85..
4,013 грн
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Professional milling machine JD-700, the rotation speed of 30,000 rpm./min. Power: 35 W.A milling machine for professional use. Very powerful. The 70..
2,049 грн
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The JD8500--30000 millingmachine is a professional machine for hardware manicure and pedicure Features: Touchpad Automatic overload protection The Twi..
5,250 грн
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The Electric Drill JD 800 is designed for hardware manicure or pedicure. With the help of a nail cutter, You will reduce the time for a manicure or pe..
1,678 грн
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The JD5500 cutter is designed for performing manicure procedures: hardware manicure, pedicure, etc. Rubberized feet ensure the milling machine silent ..
5,388 грн
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