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About the company

The company UBeauty is engaged in the supply of beauty salons wholesale and retail.

Our employees visit international exhibitions and factories, select goods, perform tests and tests of new goods and materials. As a result, we supply only safe and high-quality products. Be the first on the market with Ubeauty products. We want all craftsmen and their clients to look beautiful, use only high-quality and safe materials.

Products of TM UBEAUTY are love from the first time!

The head of the company Shapoval Kristina Arturovna went from a model at the nail World Championship in 2007, after which she mastered all the subtleties of nail service in 2 years, and as a person who understands what professionals need for high-quality work since 2017 with the involvement of experts in related fields: hairdressers, brow makers, lashmakers and barbers (stylists), visiting international exhibitions and productions, selecting high-quality goods - engaged in supplying beauty salons wholesale and retail. Selects, checks all new items, as a result, only high-quality goods get to the warehouse.

Evgeny Anatolyevich Shapoval, engineer, part-time Head of the construction and installation organization YUDISI, helps in the selection and quality control of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Instructor, practicing master, podologist - Olga

The system administrator of the site - Maxim Shevchuk, ensures the functioning of the site

Manager Ageeva Maria, introduces you to our products online and processes orders

Also other specialists; help us with purchases and execution of orders. If you want to become a part of the Beauty team, we invite you to cooperate.

We invite sales representatives to cooperate.

We provide products for testing to instructors and schools of nail service .