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Guarantee obligations for which goods are covered by the warrant

Which products are covered by the warranty?

Our store provides a warranty on goods, guided by the Consumer Rights Act, the Administrative and Economic Codes of Ukraine.

Check the exact warranty terms for a specific model and product from managers.

General warranty terms:

  • 12 months for electrical goods.

Please check the appearance, performance, and completeness of the entire order at the time of delivery by courier or in the warehouse of the delivery of goods in case of delivery by the shipping service.

This is very important, as after receiving the order claim to external defects of the goods, its quantity, completeness and product type, the carrier service is not accepted. The composition of the kit is determined by the description of the product or the documentation included in its delivery kit.

Where to go for warranty service?

In the event of a warranty case, contact the manager who made your order by calling:

For Ukraine

  • 380 67 551 60 41, 380 63 761 1969

For Russia

  • 7 Still looking for partners

If you live in Kharkiv, the transfer of goods is carried out at our point of self-delivery. Customers from other Cities of Ukraine should send goods under warranty through the company New Mail.

If you live in Belgorod, the transfer of goods is carried out at our point of delivery. Customers from other Russian cities should send goods under warranty through the carrier company.

The cost of delivery of goods under warranty is paid by the Ubeauty store. That is, if you send the goods by New Mail, we pay for delivery. After passing the warranty service for the delivery of an already healthy product through the New Mail, you pay.

Please note that the diagnostics of breakdowns, repairs and other service operations are not performed by store managers. The manager is only responsible for accepting the goods under warranty and then communicating with the customer on this matter. The essence of the malfunction, the order of repair, etc. determines the master of the service center. It is important to put a sheet detailing the defect when sending the goods under warranty (in repairs).

When is the warranty not covered?

  • Natural wear or exhaustion of the resource;
  • Accidental damage caused by the Buyer or damage caused by negligence or use (exposure to liquid, dust, getting inside the body of foreign objects, etc.);
  • Damage from natural disasters (natural phenomena);
  • Damage caused by an emergency increase or decrease in voltage in the power grid or an incorrect connection to the power grid;
  • Damage caused by the use of the goods is not for the intended purpose or in violation of the rules of operation.

When is the warranty not granted?

The store has the right to refuse to carry out warranty service in the event of:

  • violations of operating conditions, which caused a malfunction - exceeding the continuous life of a miller, lamps, the use of inappropriate nozzles, etc.;
  • There are traces of autopsy and repair on the devices, provided that the warranty repair has not been carried out before;
  • the presence of mechanical damage caused by careless operation or intentional actions of the user - fluiding, falling from height, dustiness;
  • damage caused by natural disasters and man-made events - fires, floods, hurricanes, etc.
  • If the damage is the result of a voltage drop in the power grid;

How long does warranty repairs take?

The warranty service period is up to 14 working days, in some cases (when ordering components) up to 30 days. If the repair is deemed to be unwarranted, the customer may be asked to carry out repairs at his expense.

Features of warranty maintenance of ultraviolet lamps

The warranty on ultraviolet manicure lamps applies to breakdowns caused by factory defects or marriage. The warranty does not apply to light bulbs and LEDs due to the fact that these components are consumables and their lifespan is directly dependent on the mode of operation.