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Blanidas Asset. Guidelines, instructions for use

Methodical instructions (instruction) on the use of the Blanidas Active (Blanidas Active) agent for disinfection, pre-sterilization and sterilization.

1. General provisions.

1.1. The full name of the remedy is the disinfectant "Blanidas Active".

1.2. Manufacturer - LISOFT MEDICAL LLC (Ukraine) for TU U 24.2-33147971-001: 2008.

1.3. Composition of the means, the content of active and auxiliary substances, mass. %: dodecylbispropylene triamine (1, C propanediamine) - 15.0-20.0, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride - 10.0-15.0 (active substances), surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, purified veda - up to 100.0.

1.4. Form of release and physical and chemical properties of the means. The Blanidas Active agent is a homogeneous, transparent, concentrated liquid with a faint characteristic odor, well dissolved in water. Water solutions of the product are transparent, almost colorless and odorless, the activity of hydrogen ions pH of 1.0% of the final solution is 7.5-10. The working solutions of the product have good detergents (washing capacity of at least 85%)., Dezocating, wetting, emulsifying properties, do not cause corrosion of metals, incapable of damaging objects made of corrosion resistant and corrosion-resistant metals, thermostable and thermosensitive materials, glass, rubber , rubber, artificial leather, polymeric materials, latex, wax, teflon, polyamide, macrolon, polystyrene, polyethylene, soft and rigid polyvinyl chloride, plexiglas (acrylic glass), polyester, silicone , alginate, hydrocolloids, wood, tiles, porcelain, faience and the surface of medical devices and equipment with varnishing, electroplating and polymer coating, and not discolor and do not reduce the strength of the tissues, do not fix the contamination of the organic Origin on the surface of products of medical purpose, well washed off, and do not leave plaque and stains on the surfaces of objects undergoing processing. remove mechanical, protein, fatty contaminants, blood balances, medicines from external surfaces, internal canals and cavities of medical devices, homogenize sputum and other secretions. The product is not compatible with anionic surfactants and soap.

1.5. Assignment of funds.
The Blanidas Active (B1anidas®Active) tool is intended for:
for conducting current, final, preventive disinfection and general wraps for causative agents of in-hospital infections, bacterial etiology infections, spores (B.subtilis, B.anthracoides, anthrax) in foci of infectious diseases, health care institutions and treatment and care facilities of all profiles, incl. number of children's and day-care hospitals, department of neonatology, wards, blocks and branches of intensive therapy for newborns, manipulative, surgical, dressing rooms, surgical, ter epidemiological, pediatric, obstetric, gynecological, ophthalmological, physiotherapy departments of treatment and prophylactic institutions, maternity hospitals, polyclinics, dental clinics and offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, dispensaries, paramedic and feldsher-obstetric stations, centers for organ transplantation, medsanchas and clinics, stations ambulance, donor centers, blood transfusion departments, ambulance carriages, pathology departments, sanatoriums, ylaktoryyah, Mr eabylytatsyynyh centers, Hospice, Uchrezhdenie sotsyalnoy protection of the population, changing rooms, Uchrezhdenie sudebno medytsynskoy-examination, profylnыh medical centers, Clinical, microbiological, biochemically, bacteriologically, vyrusolohycheskyh, serological and others profylnыh diagnostically laboratories and the like;
for disinfection, combining of disinfection and sterilization cleaning processes (manual and mechanized method B of ultrasonic purification facilities) and sterilization of all kinds of medical products from different materials for single use and reusable purposes; flexible and rigid endoscopes (used for bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy, hysteroscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, echoendoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy) and tools for them, surgical (including microsurgical), gynecological, dental instruments (including hydraulic contours for dental units, endodontic, rotary, orthopedic instruments, impression spoons), dental materials (including prints from alginate, silicone, polyester resin, denture preparations, impressions, bridges, crowns, artworks, etc.), probes of all kinds, catheters, heads of ultrasound diagnostic apparatuses, introsoperatsiyny and echocardiographic sensors, thermosensitive materials for anesthesia, including masks, flexible and rigid tubes, catheters, hoses for anesthetic respiratory equipment;
for disinfection of high level endoscopes;
for sterilization cleaning of all kinds of mold