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Device of a dry-heat cabinet of Mikrostop

Microstop dry-frying cabinet device

The Microstop sterilizer consists of a case inside which a sterilization chamber is installed, a heating element, an opening top cover, a temperature sensor, a thermo-fuse, a tray for sterilized instruments. The case, camera, tray are made of high-quality, resistant to bending cold rolled stainless steel necessary and sufficient thickness.

With the same device, different models of our sterilizer differ in size. For a small, small manicure studio it is better to buy a mini dry-frying cabinet for manicure tools Microstop M1. In a large beauty salon it is more expedient to buy an M3. To sterilize five sets of tools in kraft packages is ideal ly M2, for sterilization of three sets of tools in kraftpackages - M1.

What's the difference between sterilizers?

These dry-fire cabinets are designed to sterilize different amounts of manicure tools.

Model Number of tool kits in a kraft package Number of tool kits without kraft package
M1 3 2
M1/M1e 1 2
M2 5 3
M3 3 6
M3 6 9