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How to choose a nail drying lamp

Every manicure master who has been working for quite a long time, as a rule, has a whole warehouse of all kinds of nail lamps.

And although some of them are in working condition, they are no longer going to use them.

If you are just a beginner, how can you avoid all these mistakes when choosing and buy a really working version that will serve for a long time and properly?

Let's look at all these nuances in more detail and help you make the right choice.

Choosing an LED device

The LED lamp is one of the novelties in the nail beauty industry, but it has already received a lot of positive feedback from craftsmen and customers. It is used not only in beauty salons, but also at home. As it turned out, this is one of the main fashion items that every master who makes a manicure with gel polish should have.

Why do I need a lamp? How do the device models differ from each other? How to choose the right ICE lamp for nails? Almost all masters have faced these questions at least once in their lives.

Before choosing a lamp, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the product. After all, a set of gel varnishes will depend on which lamp you purchase.

Advantages of the LED device

  • The power of the model you selected. There are both low-power lamps (9 watts) and more professional ones (up to 40 watts) that will cope much faster with fixing the varnish and can be used for pedicure. Each layer of gel polish needs to be polymerized for a certain time. Depending on the lamp power, drying can take from several tens of seconds to a minute.
  • The presence of a timer and self-shutdown. This will allow you to distract yourself and do another process while drying one layer of shellac.
  • Safety for eyes and skin. LED lamps do not dry out the skin, because there is no pulsation of light emission, unlike a UV device. Even if the lamp fails, it is safe, and it does not require special disposal conditions.
  • Compactness and design. For one hand, for two, for one finger, the ability to use for a pedicure is the criteria of your choice in terms of functionality. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose an LED lamp for drying nails and according to a variety of designs, color differences.
  • Energy saving. The LEDs do not heat up during operation, so the power consumption is reduced.
  • Long service life. This is one of the important selection criteria. Such a lamp will last you for several years, even if several lamps fail. This will not affect the quality of polymerization.

Disadvantages of LEDs

But, like any electrical appliance, the ICE lamp has its disadvantages:

  • high cost. Not everyone can afford such a lamp. If there is a question of the price of buying a lamp for home conditions, then you can think about purchasing more compact and less powerful models. If you are a master professional, then you don't have to choose. This lamp will serve you for many years.
  • the ICE device does not work with all types of shellac. When buying both lamps and gel varnishes, you need to be careful and pay attention to their compatibility. Otherwise, the money will just be thrown away.

Don't be fooled by ads and advice from girlfriends. Try it yourself, experiment, be ambitious and expand your knowledge in the nail business industry. After all, this will be the key to your successful business.


The SUNUV company (China), which represents products under the SUN brand on the world market, is one of the youngest in the world of beauty. They presented their first UV lamps for drying manicure only in 2016. But it was a product of such high quality that it immediately aroused unprecedented interest among customers all over the world. In addition, the price of the SUN was quite low, which attracted another segment of buyers - lovers of home manicure. It is worth noting that even before that, the Chinese brand SUN was quite popular. It is the largest manufacturer of LED lamps and fixtures, which was known far beyond Asia. Having chosen a new direction for themselves, the company's management did not make a mistake, firmly occupying a leading position in this area.

Features of SUN manicure lamps

High quality, wide range, low cost - SUN has greatly outstripped its closest competitors in several parameters at once, at the moment the company has covered about 40% of the market. They managed to achieve such excellent performance thanks to other features of these units:

  • Versatility. All devices are hybrid and can operate in two modes: fluorescent and LED lamps. This allows you to interact with any materials, always getting an excellent result. Uniform drying and rapid solidification of materials are the main parameters thanks to which both amateurs and professionals decide to buy SUN.
  • The presence of a motion sensor sensor. Simplifies the work of the master and creates the most comfortable conditions for self-application of manicure. There is no need to turn on the lamp and adjust its operation – just raise your hands and it will start working on its own. And it is absolutely impossible to cause problems if you leave it on, if necessary, go somewhere.
  • Long service life. LED lamps can work 50 thousand hours, which ensures the perfect operation of the unit for many years.
  • The use of the most modern technologies and innovative developments allows us to constantly introduce only the best systems for more comfortable work with manicure lamps.