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Buy Men's Classic Three-piece Suit Dark Gray Textured Size 50 wholesale and retail in store

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Buy Men's Classic Three-piece Suit Dark Gray Textured Size 50 wholesale and retail in store

A classic men's suit is perfect for weddings and graduation celebrations. The suit is sewn from high quality fabrics and will create a presentable and elegant look for you.

This is a chic set consisting of three things, namely, dark gray textured skinny trousers, a fitted jacket, a trendy dark gray double-breasted vest, dark gray color.

This is a modern version of clothes that is created for those men who always stand out from the crowd, like to follow the latest fashion trends and wear trendy things.

This is sewn suit in Turkey, which indicates its high quality, excellent cut, using the best patterns.

The material used is natural, practical and very comfortable, having the following components: 80% wool with the addition of 20% viscose, for strength.

Very beautiful, of course, one of the most sought-after items from this product range.

In such a set you will always you will be simply irresistible. The main bonus of this model is an absolutely pleasant and attractive price!

A men's suit will not only emphasize your figure favorably, but will also create a unique image of a modern business man. The composition of this suit is truly hardy. The fabric does not wrinkle, does not give in to mechanical influences and will not lose its properties for a long time.

Extremely formal option for the office and ideal as a suit for the groom.
It is preferable to wear the full version of the suit for a ceremony and a celebration,
for business style - for important meetings, and the rest of the time it is better to do without a vest.
For important negotiations and a significant day, put on a cotton plain shirt,
silk tie and leather derbies under a three-piece suit.

< p>Product length on the back (cm) - 72

Product sleeve length (cm) - 64

Pants waist width (cm) - 88

This model is available in the following sizes: 46-56

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